Photo Retouching Services, sometimes called Image Retouching or airbrushing, refers to the process of manipulating photographs in order to slightly change the appearance of a subject. It is a process to enhance the quality of the image or photograph. Photo Retouching goes a step beyond editing and adjustment. We provide High-End Photo Retouching Services USA like Beauty Retouching, Hair Retouching, Body Reshaping, Background Removal, Color Correction, Jewelry Retouching, Old Photo Retouching and many more.

Photo Retouching Services USA

Not every photograph can be clicked flawlessly but can be created for sure. Whatever the circumstances, our Photo Retouching Services can help you achieve the frame you want. We can add texture and enhance natural colors as per your instructions.

Unblemished Photography is perhaps never possible without expensive shooting gears. Advanced Photo Retouching is a time-consuming task when done properly and it requires special training as well as expensive software’s. To save both money and time, Photographers can outsource their photo retouching needs to expert photo editors at OverNight Photo Editing.

We provide Professional Photo Retouching Services for Photographers, Photo Studios, Graphics Designers, Agencies, Marketing Agencies, Ecommerce Site Owners, Printing and Publishing Companies and many more.

Photo Retouching Projects are time-consuming and involve the large volume of work for photographers who already have a busy schedule. We provide quick turnaround and avoid any delay in time-sensitive projects like wedding albums and product photography for ecommerce. Our Photo Retouching and Editing Services helps Photographers and Studios to add more services to their portfolio.

At OverNight Photo Editing we specialize in a wide range of Photo Retouching Services USA

  • Portrait Retouching (Wrinkles Removal, Skin Smoothening, Whitening Teeth)
  • Wedding Photo Retouching Services ( Culling and Color Correction)
  • High-End Photo Retouching Services (Body Reshaping, Beauty Retouching, Hair Retouching, Make Up Creation)
  • Product Photo Retouching Services (Shadow and Reflection Creation, Color Correction, Background Removal,)
  • Jewellery Retouching Services
  • Real Estate Photo Editing Services (HDR Photo Editing, Image Enhancement)
  • Old Photo Retouching Services
  • Custom Image Retouching Services

Specialized Professional Photo Retouching Services USA

Automotive Retouching

OverNight Photo Editors offers a commercial Automotive Photography Retouching service using the latest Adobe Photoshop software to provide a creative new look to images. Our Automotive Retouching Services includes changing locations, changing subjects & objects, changing toning, cleaning distracting elements, adding color and clarity etc.

Beauty Retouching

Beauty Retouching Services bring to life, through an image, that perfect face/features/physique that you have always dreamed of. Even the models are not blessed with clear eyes and smooth skin on all days. Our Photo Editors have expertise in removing blemishes from photos, give skin the fashion magazine look, or just how to get that certain glamorous fashion look.

Face Touch up

OverNight Photo Editors produce the photograph that looks unnatural and plastic like by touch up the face of a model or actress to make it blemish and wrinkle-free. We assist in the removal of wrinkles and spots of a subjects face, blemishes, giving him/her a younger and attractive look.

Fashion Retouching

OverNight Fashion Photo Retouching Services provide assistance in order to enhance models’ portfolios, printed or online advertisements, magazine covers’ photographs, popular events or celebrations photo shootings, interior photography, etc. Our Fashion Retouching Services includes Color and Density Correction, Skin Detail Enhancements, Background Editing or Composing, Body Sculpting, Removing Spots, Blemishes and other imperfections, Teeth Whitening, Eye Bag, and Wrinkle Removal etc.

Headshot Retouching

We provide top-rated headshot photo editing services, ensuring clarity of your facial features and tiny details. Our Photo Editors prime focus is to clean the final headshot of flaws, zits, stray hairs, yellow teeth under-eye circles, visible scars, skin smoothing, including removal of face shine, sweat, grease etc.

High End Retouching

High End Photo Retouching is the most advanced type of retouching technique that involves analyzing, contouring, removing imperfections, smoothing textures, dodging and burning, and many more. Ads in magazines, photos for fashion publications or luxury magazines, wedding photographs, real estate photographs, and a lot of other photographs require this high-end retouching service.

Jewelry Retouching

OverNight Photo Editors retouch jewelry photographs by adjusting shine enhancement, background removal, focus stacking, scratch removal etc.

Portrait Retouching

OverNight Photo Editors produce portraits that are natural looking and realistic. Our Portrait Retouching Services includes Wrinkles Removal, Skin Smoothening, Whitening Teeth, Face makeover etc.

Photoshop Retouching

OverNight Photo Editing Photoshop Retouching Services has the ability to bestow the high-quality work. Whether the client wants to add glow and warmness in the picture or whether they are intending to restore the texture and skin detailing; our professionals will bestow them.

: The Photographs are the showcase of your products on your website should be of the best quality to attract consumers and entice them to click the buy. It is compelling the customers to buy something which they can’t feel or touch. Therefore, the images of these products should look enticing to make a lasting impact on the customers.

Skin Retouching

Fixing the imperfections of the skin is called skin retouching. The simple retouches like Skin Smoothening, Red Eye, Wrinkles, Acne, Pimples, Spots, Scar, Blemish Removal, and lightening effect can make a picture lot more beautiful with minimum alterations.

Wedding Photo Retouching

OverNight Photo Editors believes in conveying the long-lasting wedding memories with as much perfection as possible. We can retouch everything from rehearsal to the ceremony and bridal & groom portraits.

Our Photo Retouching Services Benefits

  • OverNight Photo Editors specialize in manual Photo retouching. Using automated digital programs to perform photo retouching can be a cheaper option, but the results will be of low quality.
  • OverNight Photo Editors have the expertise for all of your photo editing needs as well as photo retouching services. OverNight Photo Editors eliminates the need to work with multiple providers when you need help with any photo editing service.
  • OverNight Photo Editors working on your photographs have a better eye to detail and can deliver unique work as per your instructions.
  • OverNight Photo Editors can easily accommodate high volume and small projects. We ensure that you will receive affordable upfront prices so there won’t be any surprises.

We Offer Photo Retouching Services USA for all kinds of commercials like Real Estate, E-Commerce, Agricultural, Automobile, IT Software, Hospitality, Logistics, Engineering, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare etc.

We provide Image editing services all over the globe. We have a huge client base all across the globe.