Wedding Photo Editing is the most important part of Wedding Photography Industry. Being a wedding or event photographer you understand the criticality of delivering the photo session in time with the highest quality. Most of the client’s are fond of photo sessions because of their undoubted brightness and magical ability to tempt.

Our Photo Editing Costs are competitive enough to ensure that Photographers can compete more effectively. The quick turnaround by us will allow photographers to deliver photos to bride and groom in time.

Our photo editing team will spend hours behind the computer instead of you to deliver high quality images in time. We help you to inpress your clients by producing high quality of images.

OverNight Photo Editing service is ready to help you in a peak wedding season and realize your the most creative ideas by means of Photoshop and Lightroom.

At OverNight Photo Editing, our digital image airbrushing team specializes in the following airbrushing services:

  • Natural Color Correction
  • White balance adjustment
  • Dodge & Burn effect adding
  • Removing bags under eyes
  • Professional stray hair removal
  • Skin & Body retouching
  • Skin color adjustment
  • Distracting shadows removal

  • Stray hair removal
  • Wrinkles removal
  • Moody color correction
  • Facial hair adjustment
  • Wrinkles removal on clothes
  • Objects removal
  • Background enhancement
  • Shadows adjustment

Our Wedding Photo Editing Services

Wedding Photo Retouching

Object Removal

Image Clipping

Light Enhancement

Album Design

Color Correction & Enhancement

Our Wedding Photo Editing Services Benefits

  • OverNight Photo Editors are devoted to turn a time consuming process into a quick turnaround as soon as next business day. You will have happier client’s and more referrals by cutting down your time in half and devliering high quality images.
  • OverNight Photo Editors can help Wedding photographers in adding more services to their portfolio. OverNight Photo Editing facilitates adding new services such as image clipping, album design to your professional portfolio which removes several tasks from your to do list.
  • OverNight Photo Editors can help wedding photographers in time management by improving their time allocation. OverNight Photo Editors helps photographers to spend more time on daily activities like Photo Shoot and new business development.
  • Following your photographic style: Wedding photo edit is made according to your preferences and instructions. Revisions are provided to receive only desirable results.


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